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Symmetrical 9.953Gbps OLT

The LTF5308 is a combination of XGS-PON OLT and GPON OLT optical transceiver in an SFP+ housing. It is designed to support both the XGS-PON OLT and the GPON OLT specifications over a single fiber via coarse wave division multiplexing. The XGS-PON bidirectional link is configured with 1270nm/1577nm optics and the GPON link is configured with 1310nm/1490nm optics. The 1270nm and 1310nm optical burst mode receivers incorporate APD/TIA optics for maximum sensitivity. The 10G transmitter incorporates a 1577nm EML laser assembly and the 2.5G transmitter incorporates a 1490nm DFB laser assembly.  The transmitters can be controlled by the LVTTL Tx_DISABLE function and the receivers incorporates the LVTTL Rx_SD output. 

The LTF5308 is designed to support up to 32 subscribers over distances of up to 20km.  It is FDA 21 CFR1040.10 and IEC 60825-2 Class I laser safety compliant and meets the EEC Directive 2002/95/EC for RoHS compliance. 

Product Name Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Tx Output Tx Rate Tx Wavelength Rx Input Rx Rate Rx Wavelength
CPON OLT LTF5308-BC+ SFP+ SC 20km C 1~5dBm

?  10 Gigabits Access networks




? SFP+ Package

? 3.3V DC power supply

? 4 Lambda

? SC receptacle optical connector

? Hot pluggable

? 2x10 SFP+ Electrical Interface

? ITU-T G.9807.1 Class N1 compliant

? ITU-T G.987.2 Class N1 compliant

? ITU-T G.984.2 Class B+ compliant

? YD-T 1688.8 D1 Class compliant