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The LMQ2118 is a low power consumption QSFP28 PAM4 transceiver with high performance up to 50G high speed telecom and data communications over single mode fiber. It operates from a 3.3V DC power supply and is offered in the commercial temperature range. The module has an aggregate link bandwidth up to 53.125Gb/s by using 2 electrical lanes , each capable of transmitting 26.5625Gb/s NRZ data, 1 optical lane, capable of 53.125Gb/s PAM4 data over 10km single mode fiber. It is fabricated with a rugged metal housing. The device is Class I laser safety compliant and meets the EU Directive 2002/95/EC for RoHS compliance.

Product Name Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Tx Output Tx Rate Tx Wavelength Rx Input Rx Rate Rx Wavelength
50G PAM4 LMQ2118-PC+ QSFP28 LC 10km C -4.5~4.2dBm 53.125Gb/s 1330nm -8.4dBm 53.125Gb/s 1270nm

?  50G BASE-LR

QSFP28 Pin assignment compliant

? Hot Pluggable QSFP28 form factor

? 10km link on SMF

? Uncooled DML transmitter

? Case Operating Temperature:

? Commercial: 0 to 70?C

?  Digital diagnostic capabilities

? +3.3V power supply

?  LC Optical Receptacle

?  RoHS6